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The Opening Symposium of the Radboudumc Electron Microscopy Center on January 24 was a success! The event celebrated the completion of our cutting-edge infrastructure and spotlighted the transformative role of electron microscopy in life sciences research.

Today, we successfully completed the installation and launched the operations of our state-of-the-art Talos F200C-G2 TEM microscope. Get ready for an extraordinary imaging experience that allows us to capture biological phenomena in liquid and cryo environments like never before!

Our team developed a creative solution for performing cryogenic correlative light and electron microscopy imaging in 3D samples, recently published in Communications Biology. We have developed a workflow, bridging 3D cryo light microscopy (LM) and 3D cryo FIB-SEM. By imprinting a recognizable and reproducible pattern on the top of high-pressure...